PlaySound version 1.74 1999/11/09 uploaded 2000/01/03

PlaySound Beta 5 version 1.75beta5 2001/02/21 uploaded 2001/02/21

PlayIt 1.67 or later also needs to be downloaded and installed as a system wide resource. It is not included with PlaySound anymore.

A program to play samples using Rick Hudson's PlayIt program, not available from his web site anymore, but is available from this site. I made a copy available below also

This includes files created from CD Audio tracks by AudioFS2.

PlaySound also now plays MP3 Audio files using Thomas Olsson's AMPlayer, included in the archive.

PlaySound now has a window with CD like controls, volume and position sliders and all sorts of other goodies.

PlaySound will recursively check (correctly now) directories for sound files. It will now play non raw data files that are filetyped as data, eg. Sun Audio.

It will also allow writing of Wave and MP3 text tags.

Version History

New in 1.74: Slightly altered the display in the type field. Added check to discard text files that are longer than 300*maxqueue% bytes long.

New in 1.73: Ctrl-clicking on Play whilst Stopped will advance to the next sample in the queue. Any sample in the queue can be played by double clicking on it. New queue options: Keep and Continue queue. Large buffer mode. Support for new formats eg ARMovie. Improved Annotation window. Lots of new options in Preferences. Fixed more bugs.

New in 1.72: Added new features, improved cueing, now uses DrWimp 3.53.

New in 1.71: Fixed problems with small files, iconbar flickering, text file loading. Improved error checking.

New in 1.70: Fixed problems with ticks on buffer submenu.

New in 1.69: Fixed problems with ticks on menu items, removed PlayIt over running code as it interferes with other samples being played via PlayIt.

New in 1.68: Now uses PlayIt 1.56. Improved error checking. Removed some debugging code left in version 1.67. Added a check for correct registering of pollword with PlayIt. Fixed turning off looping bug. Now checks for PlayIt over running it's looping when the sample is smaller than the buffer and sends a stop command. This version is being distributed on new RISC OS machines from Castle Technology. How cool is that.

New in 1.67: Fixed a small bug causing the button status not to update occasionally.

New in 1.66: Transient buffers have been turned off due to a bug in PlayIt, image files are now treated as directories, fixed a few more bugs.

New in 1.65: Now includes the release version of PlayIt 1.55, a couple of bug fixes.

New in 1.64: Rewrote for PlayIt 1.55, added queue looping facility, fixed a few bugs.

New in 1.63: Tidied up a few bits, added PlayIt 1.54.

New in 1.62: Fixed a bug the only showed up in the compressed version, added auto changing of volume slider when volume changed by other programs, and also fixed the main menu/info box problem that occurred when no PlayIt driver was loaded.

New in 1.61: Now compressed so uses a smaller wimpslot, Wimp_PollIdle times now work, small changes to templates so they work better with larger fonts like System.

New in 1.60: Wimp_PollIdle now works again. Position slider now goes to th very end when the sample finishes.

New in 1.59: Now uses PlayIt 1.52 which can auto detect AudioCD files. Small slider values now work. Loads any filetype dragged onto PlaySound as raw data unless it is recognized, except text files which are used as saved queue lists.

New in 1.58: Now uses Wimp_PollIdle so takes up less processor time.

New in 1.57: Now plays AudioFS2 files of type &0CD.

New in 1.56: Samples can be inserted into the middle of the queue if Ctrl is held down whilst dropping them onto the queue window. A few small changes have also been made.

New in 1.55: Added the currently used driver to the info box, wow, a lot of work done there :-).

New in 1.54: Altered saving of text annotations so AnnoWave is called less often.

New in 1.53: Added ticks to volume and buffer menus, added delete entry from queue. Cue buttons now work better for short samples. Few bug fixes.

New in 1.52: Changed the way annotations are saved so the fields can now be 63 Characters each. Will now ask if a corrupt choices file should be overwritten and will now work with a version on PlayIt that is compatible but older than the current version. Now includes PlayIt 1.51

New in 1.51: Added new version of AnnoWave so all annotation fields work.

New in 1.50: Better editing of annotations, wimpslot back to 200k.

New in 1.49: Now uses PlayIt 1.50, better error trapping, fixed a few bugs.

New in 1.48: doesn't claim double clicks on Data filetypes +few bug fixes.

New in 1.47: pausing between queue entries.