Listen Up

Short tutorial for Listen Up, an Android podcast app designed to be similar to the now defunct Google Listen.

Listen Up can sync with gpodder so first create an account there. Although you can log in with an email address, the username which Listen Up requires, is the username you set in gpodder. Add this in the Settings page, Server Synchronization.

Once Listen Up has connected to gpodder a new device will appear. Subscribe to podcasts in gpodder, and for each podcast, tick the devices you wish to listen to it on.

Refresh on Listen Up and the podcasts should appear.

For each podcast you can configure how many episodes will be automatically added to the queue with the "Queue how many..." menu option within the podcast's screen

The pin shows the status of the download, Grey is not downloaded, Blue is completely downloaded. If the pin is clicked the episode will not be automatically deleted from the cache.

Within the queue episodes can be rearranged by dragging the drag handle on the far left of the screen.

Currently there is no way to make the queue stop playing without pressing pause, it will wrap around from the bottom to the top if left. To avoid this I use the same hack I used with Google Listen, add an episode that can't be downloaded, put this episode after the last podcast you wish to play, when it reaches it it will pop up an error and stop. Now you can fall asleep without your podcasts playing all night long.

Items that are dequeued as marked as listened.

Feel free to copy this text, it is public domain.