AICN: A program to generate HTML indexes for Ain't It Cool News stories saved to disc. It is a command line program that has a frontend using Acorn's FrontEnd module.

Curvestich: A small BASIC program to create curve stitches and save them as sprites.

Extract: A program to extract sections of a file, useful for extracting shorter samples from a large raw data sample. It is a command line program that has a frontend using Acorn's FrontEnd module. The original Extract program was written by Ian Scott. See his web page Sounds Riscy

FType: demo of an idea for an application to manage filetypes

Inkey: Key clash tester. A small program to test whether you will get key clashes on a Risc PC (and any other 32bit Acorn computers although the layout will be wrong). Press all the keys you want to use and if there are key clashes some of the keys will not appear. New version, two of the keys were wrong, now fixed 1999/05/06

Largecut: Allows easier viewing of files too large to load into memory, includes simple StrongEd mode

Millennium: A program to create a millennium countdown backdrop is the style of the TV program Millennium. New version 1999/11/08

Mirror Illusion: A game. The aim is to get 5 of your coloured counters in a row, click on Normal, Swap, Change or Move to select what you want to do and then click where you wish to place the counter/counter to swap/move. You can only place counters on the bottom row and can't move/change a piece that has just been placed. Either player can move the swap pieces. You can move a piece along any horizontal, vertical or diagonal, jumping over as many pieces as you wish. New version 1998/04/24

Race 2258: In the far future mankind had given up on fancy 3d racing games and everyone plays "RACE 2258", this is your chance to beat them all with 260 years of practise, that is of course if you also discover how to live that long. Alternative story line: I was bored, wanted to play around with GameSuite and like Micro Machines. To record which version of the story you like the best please wait until 1st April and press your finger on the screen on the version of your choice. This is a very buggy, unfinished program. But it's fun.

SCP: Simple frontend for scp (secure copy)

Script: Beginning of a system to allow apps to send commands to each other, example is a problem to allow simple scripting of compatible apps.

Shorten: Cuts the ends off files, useful when downloads are aborted so the ends aren't corrupt

Slida: Modification of a DrWimp slider example to demonstrate resizing of Dynamic Areas

Treesize: Improved version of original, copes with larger files and image files

url2file: A program to convert urls to filenames and run them, or open the directory they are in. Just drag the url bar from Fresco to url2file and the file will be run. Holding down Ctrl will open the directory the file is in.

ZeriLink: Simple frontend for ZeriLink